MPFR - Using the Anonymous Access to the Subversion Repository

The MPFR repository is now hosted on InriaForge:

You can get the latest development version by using the anonymous Subversion access. Type the following lines (or something equivalent) in a shell:

svn checkout dirname

This will create a directory dirname with the latest version of the source (trunk). Please, read the file. In particular, the Subversion tree does not have a configure script; you need some development tools to generate it (more information is given in the file).

This version allows you to benefit from the correction of bugs and various other improvements since the latest release. But as usual with development code, it may temporarily be unstable or have bugs preventing from compiling it (please report any problem so that it is fixed as soon as possible). Please use the latest release with the published patches if you do not want such problems.

You can get a branch with:

svn co dirname

And you can get the list of the branch names with:

svn ls

Similarly, the tags (releases, in general) can be found in

Documentation on Subversion:

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