GNU MPFR version 4.0.0 (released on 25 December 2017)

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The dinde aux marrons release.

MPFR 4.0.0 requires GMP 5.0 or higher.

Note: the bug-fix release MPFR 4.0.1 is available. Please upgrade!

Warning! Due to the fact that TLS support is now detected automatically, the MPFR build can be incorrect on some platforms (compiler or system bug). Indeed, the TLS implementation of some compilers/platforms is buggy, and MPFR cannot detect every problem at configure time. Please run make check to see if your build is affected. If you get failures, you should try the --disable-thread-safe configure option to disable TLS and see if this solves these failures. But you should not use an MPFR library with TLS disabled in a multithreaded program (unless you know what you are doing).


The MPFR 4.0.0 source can be downloaded in the following archive formats:

Each tarball is signed by Vincent Lefèvre. This can be verified using the DSA key ID 980C197698C3739D; this key can be retrieved with:

gpg --recv-keys 980C197698C3739D

or by downloading it from The key fingerprint is:

07F3 DBBE CC1A 3960 5078  094D 980C 1976 98C3 739D

The signatures can be verified with:

gpg --verify file.asc

You should check that the key fingerprint matches.

MPFR is also available via third-party packages and ports.



See the tracker and the BUGS file.

Changes from versions 3.1.* to version 4.0.0

Platforms Known to Support MPFR

MPFR 4.0.0 has been successfully compiled and checked on the following platforms:

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