GNU MPFR version 4.1.1 (released on 17 November 2022)

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The épinards à la crème release, patch level 1.

MPFR 4.1.1 requires GMP 5.0 or higher.


The MPFR 4.1.1 source can be downloaded in the following archive formats:

Each tarball is signed by Vincent Lefèvre. This can be verified using the DSA key ID 5831D11A0D4DB02A; this key can be retrieved with:

gpg --recv-keys 5831D11A0D4DB02A

or by downloading it from The key fingerprint is:

A534 BE3F 83E2 41D9 1828  0AEB 5831 D11A 0D4D B02A

The signatures can be verified with:

gpg --verify file.asc

You should check that the key fingerprint matches.

MPFR is also available via third-party packages and ports.



The bugs listed below have been fixed (latest update: 2022-11-23). The patches are distributed under the same license as this version of MPFR, that is, the GNU Lesser General Public License (GNU Lesser GPL), version 3 or later.

The following instructions are for Linux and may be similar for other operating systems. You can apply the patches in several ways:

With the first two ways, the PATCHES file is modified, so that one can know what patches have been applied, using the mpfr_get_patches function. Moreover a suffix is added to the version string, but note that for practical reasons, not all the files where the version appears are patched; thus one can also track applied patches with the MPFR_VERSION_STRING macro (header) and the mpfr_get_version function (library). However, if some patches are not applied or if patches are applied in a different order, then the patch command will fail to update some chunks, so that the suffix is not always reliable for patches.

Note: These patches are in unified diff format and some vendors' patch commands cannot deal with them; in this case, please use GNU patch (it may already be installed on your system, e.g. as /usr/local/bin/patch or gpatch).

Fixed bugs, with patches:

  1. The build of user code using the mpfr_custom_get_kind macro with a const-qualified argument may warn or fail, depending on the compiler and the compile options. This regression is fixed by the mpfr_custom_get_kind patch (which also updates the testsuite to detect this issue).
    Corresponding changeset in the 4.1 branch: 3cd39bc0b.

See the BUGS file.

Changes from version 4.1.0 to version 4.1.1

Platforms Known to Support MPFR

MPFR 4.1.1 has been successfully compiled and checked on the following platforms:

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